Council oversees the general life, activities, administration, and financial and property matters, and is in effect the board of trustees for this congregation. Any voting member of the congregation may be elected to Council for a three-year term with four of the members plus the youth representative being replaced annually. Council remains responsible to the congregation so, when required by our constitution, will call a congregational meeting to hear and vote on issues like approving large expenditures not budgeted, electing new council members, approving the annual spending plan, changes to the constitution or bylaws, or calling a new pastor.

Council normally meets on the second Sunday each month at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 105.

Officers of the 2018 St. David Congregational Council are ...

President: Bernie Lee
Tel: 803-348-0631; E-mail:

Vice President: Tommy Harmon

Secretary: Steven Fipps

Financial Secretary: Lenny Bugay

Treasuer: Drew Lauglan

Other Council Members and Their Ministry Areas ...

Maria Canepa – Asst. Secretary
Vince Bouronich – Service (Social Ministry)
Paula Claas – Fellowship
Bucky Hood – Support (Property)
Wendy Rea
Janet Riddle
– Evangelism
Kevin Sox – Auxiliaries
Sylvia Wessinger – Worship & Music
Maddie Claas – Youth

Questions? Call or e-mail the church office today. (803) 356-3035.