want to get involved? MAtch your passion with our mission!

Ministry Committees

There are many different committees that carry out the holy and sacred ministries of St. David. Each of these committees serve to do the work of the church for the sake of the world. Want to get involved? Check out one of these groups that can help match your passion for serving the church and the world God loves with the many ways we're already at work. Feel called to do something else? Let us help you start a new ministry! 

  • worship and music committee

    Assists the Congregational Council in seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the ELCA and that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for; supervises and strives to advance the welfare and effective service of the choirs of the congregation; arranges for the care of the paraments, vestments and musical instruments; in consultation with the pastor, the organist and choir director(s), furnishes music supplies appropriate for use in the worship of a congregation of the ELCA; and assists the Altar Guild, ushers and any other special committee involving worship and music of the congregation when requested.

  • Learning committee

    Strives to enrich the lives of all church members with God’s word interpreted by appropriate curriculum for all ages, from nursery to adult classes.

  • Altar Guild

    Keeps the chancel neat and orderly and prepares it for worship; prepares for Holy Communion and Baptisms; ensures that supplies are stocked for communion, candles, and other items necessary for worship.

  • Stewardship-discipleship committee

    Seeks to encourage faithful stewardship of all aspects of our lives: time, talent, and treasure, so that we are equipped to live out our call as God's children in the world: at work, school, and home. Oversees stewardship campaigns and provides education and guidance to the congregation about being good stewards of all God's blessings.

  • Congregational Life committee

    Plans and coordinates various special events. These folks are the backbone of our fellowship activities!

  • property committee

    Oversees the regular daily maintenance, repairs and needs for church property.

  • finance committee

    Ensures that the congregation supports the financial needs and ministries of St. David, actively manages the finances of the church, and provides financial recommendations to the Council and Treasurer in support of the operations and ministries of St. David.

  • cemetery committee

    Makes assignments of burial plots to members upon request, assists families with burial arrangements, works closely with funeral directors to identify and supervise the opening and closing of graves, and works with contractors performing any work within the cemetery such as installation of permanent markers and coping.

  • staff relations committee

    Manages the Human Resources of the congregation; supports staff members; serves as an interviewing team for new hires; manages the policies of the congregation.

  • technology committee

    Manages and updates all of our technology for the church. From computers and phone systems, to our Live Stream ministry and sound system, the Technology Committee has us connected-- between offices, and from the church out into the world.

  • social ministry committee

    Seeks to minister to those in need within the congregation and community and looks for new opportunities for expanding services.

  • hispanic ministry committee

    Seeks way to support and assist the  Hispanic congregation, Cristo Rey, which uses St. David facilities for its meeting space. Cristo Rey is currently building their own church about a mile away on Oak Drive. This committee works to bridge the cultural divide between Anglo and Hispanic Christians as we seek to serve God together.

  • evangelism committee

    Seeks ways to invite people to visit St. David and to ensure visitors feel welcome.

  • athletic committee

    Supports the Youth Basketball League that runs during the winter months.

  • CAmpus ministry committee

    Communicates with and provides a link between the congregation and all students attending institutions of higher learning. This communication is a way of saying to the student that “your church remembers you and cares about you.”