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helpful links

Here are some links to things you might find helpful-- from more about our denominational affiliation to use-at-home resources for Bible Study.

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in america

    Learn more about our national church denomination.

  • SC Synod, ELCA

    Check out this website to learn more about the Lutheran Church in South Carolina.

  • SC Lutheran retreat centers

    The SC Synod of the ELCA has two retreat centers. Check them out here!

  • Augsburg fortress

    The publishing house of the ELCA

  • Bible Gateway

    Online Bible study tools

  • Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

    Our local ELCA seminary right here in Columbia, SC!

  • READy click grow your family

    Fresh, practical resources that provide your family with more fun, more faith, and more family moments!

  • Sundays and seasons

    Those who serve as assisting ministers in worship can use this link to gain access to worship planning materials such as lectionary readings, prayers, and other resources. Log in required on the site.

  • Amazon Book List

    Click here for an Amazon Book list full of resources for you and your family at home. From devotional items, just for fun books, Lutheran Classics, books for everyday life, there is something for you!